Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cam Foot Modeling For Amateurs !

Now hiring cam foot models to take on some of our work loads! To work with Rstart you must meet the following requirements.
Must be at least 18
Must have an official identification that displays birth date
Must have internet access
Must have a web cam
Must have Yahoo Messenger Downloaded
Must have well maintained feet
Must have a cell phone with texting ability
Must be able to respond on call
Must be able to communicate well with clients
Must know about foot fetishism

Apply today to get featured on our Honey Bunch page!

How to Get Started?
Fill out the following form: "impression page". Submit your top photos. Meaning photos that will create a buzz and gain attention. All candidates are rewarded this opportunity. Just submit the proper information and photos and you'll officially become one of Rstart's cam foot models.

Benefits of This Foot Modeling Opportunity Over Others of it's Kind:
1. You'll get paid more than the average adult webcam website, which only pays its web cam models $1 per minute - we pay more!
2. You'll get paid within 3 days instead of every 2 weeks
3. You won't have to pay any studio or agent fees
4.  You have the option to perform nude or non nude
5. Every show starts with a commercial like performance. Meaning, you'll perform on cam as if you were auditioning for a foot modeling commercial. Clients will be required to rate the performance. Your ratings will post on your "impression" page.
6. You'll get fair treatment
7. Business advise
and more...

Please feel free to ask any question about this opportunity @
An opportunity by RSA Advertising! Apply TODAY!
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Below are a few video examples of some of the acts models can perform that clients take an interest in:

Dirty talk, profanity and engaging without nudity.

Quiet, No face reveal, just a reveal of feet. 

Feet licking, toe sucking and foot kissing. Engaging. 

Sock removal without face reveal.

Get Paid to Recruit Cam Foot Models!                                                                                                                          
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About RStart Advertising: RStart Advertising is a sole proprietor business operated out of Washington D.C. that specializes specifically in advertising and marketing for independent cam foot modeling business owners. Started June of 2013, RStart strives to create the greatest web presences for cam foot models, whether in relation to their image or their visibility, while providing an abundance of clientele for their entertaining efforts. Contact for more information on RStart advertising!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Foot Fetishism is a Disease

Foot fetishism is a disease.                     
Many men from all around the world have become effected and continuing to become effected as time progresses. Studies have discovered that the part of the brain that senses the touch of a foot is located next to the sense of sexual arousal, and the two senses could ignite when the other is sensed, which can cause foot fetish arousal.  When we act on this desire we then strengthen its connection and the two then can, in a way become one. Meaning that the only way for you to become sexually aroused is with some association with female feet whether mentally or physically. This in turn could disrupt your natural sexual abilities, if it get's out of hand.

However through this disease foot fetishism do have an advantage, it can prevent much more serious life threatening diseases like HIV and aids. If the feet you're interested in, are without any open sores or scars, you can have decent pleasurable safe sexual intercourse with your mates feet. If you're new to foot fetishism below are a few photos of foot fetishism with partners who performs multiple foot fetish acts, some in which you can try with your partner - remember do not let it get out of hand. 

Some people thinks it's embarrassing to tell others about their foot fetish, but in all actually, it's perfectly normal. Foot fetishism is not considered aberrant, in fact it has been accepted with open arms all around the world and back again. People are now creating online public and secret fantasy foot fetish groups for your foot fetishism pleasure that discusses topics as foot worship, toe sucking, foot smelling and many other topics and the total number of members that joins these groups are astounding.You can even hire a foot fetish escort to take action on this fetish and  explore whatever foot fantasies you may have and it's totally legal. 

Here is a question that I must answer because many people do it and enjoy it but many people think it's totally disgusting. Why do guys like to smell girl's feet? We'll what many people don't know is that female feet have strong endorphins in them and it's especially stronger when she sweats.  These endorphins reacts to the man's brain opiate receptors and causes the man to become comfortable, relaxed and thinking happy thoughts. In addition to containing endorphins female Feet also gives off pheromones which is an attractant of the opposite sex that causes them to notice bare feet and then have an urge to touch their bare feet - it's normal.

If you're interested in foot fetishism remember, it's not a weird fetish to partake in.  Many people are into this fetish all around the world which makes this fetish typically normal. No matter what aspect of foot fetishism you're in, whether it's toe sucking, sole smelling, foot massages, foot worship, foot sex, feet licking or even feet tickling, foot fetishism is accepted and so are you. Just try to be sure that your foot fetish do not get too extreme in time allocated to it, because then it can start to turn into a disease. If you've one who have attracted this disease, I encourage you to seek help! It can and will ruin your life. Call your local Psychotherapist TODAY if you feel that you've attracted this disease! 


Enjoy the next couple of photos, these are on me!

A few photo references, for any photos that aren't referenced please photo search them through Google. Thanks.

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Model Name:
Shoe Size: 
Nude Y/N: 

Barefoot Cheerleading
Pole Dancing
Barefoot Sports
Barefoot Belly Dancing
Barefoot Twerking
Feet Painting
Shoe Dangling

Shoe Size:
When did you find out about guys with foot fetishes?
What was your reaction? 

Describe one of your hottest barefoot moments.

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Available Cam Hours: Anytime
12:00 - 1:00
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